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Yelo Autosports

Car detailing service in Maplewood, Minnesota

Address: 734 McKnight Rd N, Maplewood, MN 55119, United States

  • +1 651-352-7985

About Yelo Autosports

Yelo Autosports are Car detailing service in Maplewood, Minnesota. Find address, phone number, contact details, reviews and ratings of Yelo Autosports at Yelo Autosports are located at 734 McKnight Rd N, Maplewood, MN 55119, United States. They are 4.5 rated Car detailing service in Maplewood, Minnesota based on 101 reviews.

Want to connect with Yelo Autosports? We have made it easier to contact Saint Paul MN Windows Tinting services provider. You can find the contact details above and you may also fill the query form to request call back from them.

The Top Five Window Tinting Features That You Must Know In Car detailing service in Maplewood, Minnesota

If you have landed here, you must search for solutions for the glasses in your room or your car, which leads to high UV rays. In case your room contains many mirrors, then you might know the struggle of keeping the room at a low temperature. As a result, the rooms get extremely hot, which ultimately increases the power bills. Similarly, when you are in your car, in the daytime, the heat becomes exceptionally unbearable. Window films and window tinting are the solutions for handling and controlling extreme heat. It upgrades your glass and provides extra protection from:

  1. solar heat and accidents.
  2. Natural disasters.
  3. Break and entry.
  4. Bomb blasts.
  5. Flying glass fragments.

User Reviews

Overall Ratings

4.5 based on 101 reviews

  • Mike F review for Yelo Autosports
    Mike F5.0
    Rated 5.0 out of 5,

    I made an appointment with Yelo to have my gfs Lexus tinted and the windshield replaced. Unfortunately for us her Lexus came with a factory mirror tint that cannot be removed without replacing the glass. Tou was still so helpful and More

  • Chris Nolt review for Yelo Autosports
    Chris Nolt5.0
    Rated 5.0 out of 5,

    Great product, very kind business owner. The shop came highly recommend within my community and he definitely didnt disappoint. Ill recommend Yelo to anyone who listens.

  • Renee Abram review for Yelo Autosports
    Renee Abram5.0
    Rated 5.0 out of 5,

    Could not be happier Professional, responsive, flexible scheduling, and an excellent tint application. Have already recommended to a few friends in the market for window tint.

  • Nicole Trim review for Yelo Autosports
    Nicole Trim5.0
    Rated 5.0 out of 5,

    So pleased with Tuo and his work He recently tinted the windows in my Volvo and I was not only happy with the quality of work, but just as happy with his customer interaction. I wont take my vehicles anywhere else.

  • Toua Thao review for Yelo Autosports
    Toua Thao5.0
    Rated 5.0 out of 5,

    Amazing Crystal Serum Ultra done by Tou Lo. Highly recommend and will definitely go back for more detailing needs

  • Adam Kopp review for Yelo Autosports
    Adam Kopp5.0
    Rated 5.0 out of 5,

    Tou did amazing jobs on both of my cars and stands behind his work. Highly recommend

  • Jay Hilden review for Yelo Autosports
    Jay Hilden5.0
    Rated 5.0 out of 5,

    Brought in my BMW M for an interior and exterior detailing. Tou was extremely professional and did a fantastic job on the car inside and out. Would highly recommend I am considering going back for a tinting soon.

  • Chris F review for Yelo Autosports
    Chris F5.0
    Rated 5.0 out of 5,

    Was referred by a friend for window tint and it turned out flawless Tou is excellent as what he does and even recommends his friends if the jobs out of his reach. Will come back in the future for vinyl

  • Bon review for Yelo Autosports
    Rated 5.0 out of 5,

    Great customer service, quality work. I will be going back with other vehicles

  • Andy Xiong review for Yelo Autosports
    Andy Xiong5.0
    Rated 5.0 out of 5,

    Made an appointment to get my car windows tinted. He talked me through what kind of films he had and what would be best. Everything turned out great. Ill definitely go back for more car work and I also recommend him if anyone is interested in getting their windows tinted or other services done by him.

Yelo Autosports FAQs

How to make an appointment for Yelo Autosports?

Book your appointment for Yelo Autosports at or you can connect them with given contact number.

How to find window tinting service in Saint Paul MN?

Just visit, there you can find best window tinting service in Saint Paul MN sorted by reviews from real users.

How much does window tint cost?

Window tints cost varies as per requirement, usually, they are affordable even for higher-end brands. Select window service as per your demand. For the sake of an example, tinting your whole car will cost you $100 - $400.

How do I clean window tint?

Clean soapy water/ vinegar/ methylated spirits, diluted with water will help you clean tinted window. Do not use any harsh chemicals like baking soda while cleaning tinted windows.᐀


You can simply see the numerous benefits that window tinting offers, from UV rays to protection to enhance privacy. Depending upon the choice and wants of the customer, the types and levels of window tinting have been classified. Therefore, you can find the one that suits you best with ease and give your windows the desired transformation.

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