window tinting – Tint Your Car and Home Window Now 😍

window tinting – Tint Your Car and Home Window Now

Do You Have an Issue with Sun heat, privacy issue UV rays? then window tinting is the perfect solution for you. We will help you to protect from the harmful UV rays or Protect you and your interior from the Sun heat by tint your window. They also help you to protect your car from the scratches.

Why window tinting


Tinting is very Helpful in protecting your car/Home from

Visible Light

You can protect your self to buy visible light from the Sun that causes several Skin Problems


Solar Heat

Solar urticaria is one of the major problems that come by Heating from sunlight. The itchy and reddish are spots usually appear within a minutes by the heat of sun exposure

UV Rays

UV rays Come from either the sun or artificial sources like Welding tanning beds. By contact with UV Rays, you get several issues with skin like liver spots wrinkles, or Eye allergy leathery skin, etc.


Privacy is a big issue in the transparency windows. And by Filming you either a car or Home window you get privacy in your Car





By protecting from harmful rays side by side you give a styling look to your car. Also, you can protect your car from the scratches. Window tinting gives you a cool Dark stylish look to your car




Home Window tinting


While most of the Home window is the lightweight and Passes the heat from outdoor to indoor that makes your house more heated mostly in summer.where Home window Tinting helps you to protect you from heat and gives you a Stylish Decorative look to your house. A thin dark foil not only protects you from sun heat also changes the look of your house from low to cool stylish. By tint home window it’s also very easy to clean. After 1 window tinting its stay around 5 to 8 year and protect you from heat or give new look to your house.

Car Window Tinting

Tint the car window is the process of Filming the car window Glass by a very thin layer. that protects your interior from the heat or harmful  UV rays. This also includes the privacy and security of your car. Every state of the country has its own regulations and laws that tell you about the darkness of the Film. In some of the State, windows tint laws are very strict even you not allowed to film your window glass by anything.

Generally, you can’t tint your entire windshield, but you can tint a bar that runs across the top of the windshield that’s allowed in some of the states. In windows tint fresno is allowed only side windows off to the rear of the driver and only if but only if the vehicle has outside mirrors on both sides that provide 200 feet of visibility. In some cases, They allowed you to tinted bar up to five inches at the top of a windshield.


After Reading that Article now you know everything g about the window tinting. And now you ready to Ting your Car or Home window. Before tint, your window makes sure your states Laws allowed you to film you Car Window. Because in some of the states they not allowed you and by breaking laws you can also get jail or pay an amount As Chlan.You can find more information here on the Official ncdot website.